Why join?

Why join HighAbility?

HighAbility believe that it is the barriers we experience in our daily lives that disable us, not our impairments or differences, and society must change.

HighAbility free membership is an opportunity to share our abilities and experiences as a community to influence positive change in disabled people’s lives and remove these barriers together.

Social exclusion

More than half of disabled people say that they feel excluded from society and are twice as likely to experience loneliness and social isolation than non-disabled people.


Over half of disabled people rely completely on public transport with 1 in 4 disabled people saying they have been prevented from using public transport by other people’s attitudes.


Half as many disabled people are likely to enter higher education as non-disabled people and are two and half times more likely than non-disabled people to leave school with low or no qualifications.


About 2 in 5 of disabled people are in employment compared with 4 in 5 of non-disabled people, and disabled people are more likely to paid under the minimum wage.


Half of everyone in poverty is either a disabled person or lives with a disabled person, on average disabled adults face extra costs of £583 per month.

Digital Divide

Being 3 times more likely to lack basic digital skills, disabled people make up half of non-internet users and an estimated 7 in 10 of websites are not accessible to disabled people.


Two thirds of disabled people say they have been stopped doing something they wanted to do by other people’s attitudes, and disability is the second most common hate crime reported after race.


During Covid-19 these barriers have increased, no-one wants to see disabled people going back to these levels of inequality. We want to build back fairer post-Covid-19 and have our members be part of the change.

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