Vision, Mission, Values


Our view of what our organisation is for:

Our vision is for HighAbility to be an ambitious, energetic, and trusted Highland disabled people’s organisation that works to enable disabled people to live the lives they choose.


What we intend to do to turn that vision into reality.

In pursuit of this vision, HighAbility’s mission is to support our members to influence local and national policies and practices that affect their daily lives.


These are our passionately held beliefs:

  • that people are disabled by barriers in society, not by their impairment or difference and it is society that must change.
  • we should embrace equality and diversity and understand the impact of disability on individuals and communities.
  • that disabled people should be aware and enabled to access a range of life-long learning opportunities in our communities.
  • disabled people’s human rights must be upheld, including opportunities to live the lives they choose.
  • we should work together with our members, share our successes, plan for a fairer future and learn from our mistakes.
  • policy and practice of public bodies should be informed equally and alternatively by professional expertise and disabled people as experts of experience.
  • disabled people’s organisations play a unique role which should be valued and recognised.