Progress [Temporary Page]

  • Home – done – (Image with text below) – Image is currently a place holder – The correct “Join today!” image is ready to be swapped in for the launch – The text below the image is “What we do …” – A direct link to the Application Form has been added, tested, and de-activated until the Launch.
  • About Background – Identified text removed.
  • Board – Checked and corrected some email addresses. Tidied left alignment. Found a problem with swapping Text <=> Photo so this will not be attempted for now. Added a new description and link for
  • Policies renamed from Documents¬†
  • ¬† ” – GDPR to be checked
  • ¬† ” – Security to be checked
  • Contact – Renamed to Links – Added pages for email Links, Social Media, Apply, Webmail Login
  • Join us – (Rename to Membership) – to do – Moved social media links to LinksOffer – to do – one item Membership remains


  • Open external links in new tab/page
  • Change Navigation Menu size and weight

To be checked

  • Prevent Header (Menu) from scrolling
  • Change Navigation Menu color
  • GDPR – email: hotmail?
  • The original logo is taken to be the correct colors. The Word/pdf documents, the website, and the launch images are each using slightly different colors. The differences are small – compare below. Importantly, the colors are the same within each category.

#EE6F53 - original logo <-- standard

#F17253 - Word/pdf

#E06020 - website

#DE674D - Join today!